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We love Dan Ariely and his latest book into the psychology of how people work in 'The Upside of irrationality' promises to be a great read.

You can't be interested in psychology and not LOVE this book. 






Don is a great thought leader he has plenty of followers for good reason.


Julian's blog feels like someone is taking thoughts out of our head and putting them on his blog.


Derek Sivers is a successful entrepreneur but gives it away to charity and shares everything he learns. Remarkable, stimulating and inspiring blog posts.






The ABP stands for the Association for Business Pscyhology.  They are a great nfp professional body, offering training and events usually run in London at prices which truly reflect unparalleled value and yet the quality of events and speakers is incredible (think TED speaker quality).



If you are looking to attend a course and meet and learn from some great people, we'd recommend this site run by a great team of people committed and passionate about delivering to you real value.



This site gives you free access to some high quality psychometric products.                                              


A great on line magazine with an active training community.  Lots of articles, features and blogs by people in the business.                                                                                                                           


Run by Sharon Gaskin who works with freelance trainers to help them grow their business.    



A great source of articles which are very well researched. 


A website voluntarily run by Jane Tredgett who provides details of trainers who will work pro bono for registered charities.


A site developed for new trainers - it contains free resources, activities as well as content, advice and guidance.


An elearning model similar to neutrain: as an author, you can load up elearning courses or as a user you can take an elearning course. Courses are well priced: some are free.


A community membership organisation for charities.  The consortium works to reduce costs of learning for charities - it provides access to great learning resources at much reduced rates.   

Youtube Clips

Leading Questions. 

Gail Winwood recommends this clip to illustrate leading questions - from Yes Prime Minister:

Tailoring your communication to different audiences. 

Gail also highlights this clip from 'Blindside':


Alan Beggs has recommended this clip to illustrate how pressure from your peer group can change behaviour of others.

How 'not to' motivate!

A football team at half time. Taken from a comedy sketch, so not real life - but still funny:

Miscommunication/cultural differences.

We challenge you not to laugh out loud with this one

A good example of emotional intelligence.

First followers & Good leadership.

Derek Sivers describes how a first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.


Interview skills - avoiding questions.

Sarah Palin illustrates the signs to look for when someone can't answer a question

Customer service

Comedy show Seinfeld & an example of poor customer service.




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