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This workshop is aimed at new and aspiring managers who are taking a team on for the first time. I have also run this with experienced managers who are having difficulty with a team or a group.

It is possible that these kinds of managers have not thought about the deeper complexities of managing a team or a group and some of the basic elements that are required. This workshop considers individualistic elements of both group and team working placing significant value on understanding individuals beyond basic work behaviour. This workshop works well as part of a management development programme for new or aspiring managers and is often followed up by a diagnostic like Strength Deployment Inventory or Team Management Profile. This would then allow the manager/aspiring manager to deeper understand the concept of individual strength as part of a group or team.

While the slides here are helpful and to some extent lead the discussion, I find that facilitating discussion works well rather than case studies or role play. I often find that there is synergy in the discussions aiding everyone to discuss, reflect and explore team or group experiences.
This is a generic workshop that can be very easily tailored by the group themselves. This may mean a certain concentration on a part of the team model for example.
If you are running this to a specific team or group, a deeper consultation needs to happen way before the workshop takes place.


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Managing Teams & Groups

Managing teams and groups is designed for frontline and aspiring managers. An 8 hour workshop which considers the differences between teams and groups, how to manage them and the impact of individuals. This workshop is high on facilitation so please allow a day for this course.

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Course Information

Delegates: 5-10
Suggested cost per delegate: $67
Seniority Level: Entry Level
Duration: ½ day – 1 day
Resources: Board room or cabaret style room layout. You will need a flipchart/whiteboard/smartboard, pens, copies of the Belbin self perception questionnaire.

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Reviews  (3)

Bassem Wolsely, Employee, SCOPS on Dec 11 2015 at 00:12

Comment: HELPFUL

Victoria Wilken, Director, Workology on Jun 23 2014 at 11:06

Comment: This looks like a great training session with lots of interaction. I think the Belbin Team Roles activity is very useful in facilitating discussion and giving people time to think about how they see themselves, particularly, in relation to others. I could also see myself using this with the Johari Window too. I often use this coaching model to get people thinking about how they come across within their team. Great presentation Will! I would recommend it to small business and charities to invest in their CPD time. Thanks.

Lucy Standing, Director, Standing Associates on May 24 2013 at 18:05

Comment: All the content you need to run this course is here - well presented (some very professional looking slides) and really easy to follow trainer notes. Thanks Will - this is awesome!



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Will Clement

Will Clement is an independent consultant, speaker and workshop leader. Will’s main aim is to create workshops that bring theory into practice, with breath taking honesty and empathy - while having fun in the process. His work is centred on understanding individuals, helping them deploy their strengths. Like most things in Will’s life, his approach is powerful, simple and effective. Will has a BA (Hons) in Education and Professional Development


Telephone: 07515284119
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