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This is an introduction to a holistic model of organisations and how the model can be used to structure the development of a high performance culture

The model was developed by WHE UK and is the culmination of many years of research and practise.

The model uses light as a metaphor, where white light is what we want to see (high performance) and the blue, green and red colours that create white light are the influences on performance that we cannot easily see.


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High performance culture

Here is an introduction to changing an organisation's culture based on established and well researched practise. This session introduces the unique and holistic WHE model of organisations and uses the model to take participants through the steps needed for successful culture change.Here is a quick and practical introduction to the influences on organisational. operational and individual performance and how they need to be managed to create high performance. When managers have...

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Delegates: 10-15
Suggested cost per delegate: $0
Seniority Level: Senior Level
Duration: Between 1-2 hours
Resources: No resources required.

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Reviews  (2)

Rajni Thimaiah, Employee, MAST Innovative on Jul 27 2016 at 14:07

Comment: Very helpful and informative.

Rand-Rita Hanna, Employee, neuTrain on Jun 27 2013 at 12:06

Comment: This course really gets you thinking about what it takes to create a culture for high performance. The slides are great and are clearly grounded in a lot of research.



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Steve Whiddett

BSc, MSc, Chartered Psychologist, former chair of the Association of Business psychologists, providing values based support to organisations in all people related aspects of organisational development and culture change. Author of CIPD books on motivation and developing and using behavioural criteria.


Location: UK
Telephone: 01600 860404

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