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Trainer notes:
This is a course designed to be run internally in a large organisation.
Employers need to keep their employees motivated. Rather than lose them to competitors, we want to encourage employees to seek further job opportunities internally. Once they are familiar with the culture and ethos of an organisation, getting up the learning curve in a new department is quicker than an employee coming from outside. For obvious reasons, recruitment costs are also cheaper (no agency fees etc.)
It is also important to spread the message that the only person responsible for their training and development is themselves. Organisations help to facilitate the process, but they can’t be expected to know the internal thoughts and motivations of employees. Managing the expectations of employees to help themselves rather than believing the organisation is there to do it for them will help to ensure fewer people are disgruntled.


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Career development workshop

A fun, interactive and engaging course aimed at organisations who believe that career development should be driven by the employee.

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Course Information

Delegates: 15-20
Suggested cost per delegate: $67
Seniority Level: Entry Level
Duration: Between 3-4 hours
Resources: Strengths cards are available from www.workpositive.com but other organisations also offer them. They are a useful resource for any trainer. The room itself should be large enough to facilitate group working.

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Mohammad Aldwaidi, Employee, Free on Jul 14 2017 at 06:07

Comment: Interesting Resource

Bassem Wolsely, Employee, SCOPS on Dec 11 2015 at 01:12

Comment: Self Help

tatiana mikhalkina, 0 on Apr 30 2014 at 10:04

Comment: Overall this is a very well structured and rich presentation. In the beginning objectives of the session – for the participants, and for the organisation – are clearly outlined, along with a rather detailed agenda and timetable. Setting the “ground rules” in the beginning helps participants focusing their attention on the session. The structure of the presentation follows framework for career development, introduced early in the session (slide 11). The rest of the session structured around the framework, consequently zooming in each component of the framework. Special praise to the level of detail of the trainer notes – they provide enough content for any user of the training to build upon. The presentation incorporates space for organization specific customization (slide 28). One minor comment is related to barriers for career development. While the session does focus on psychological barriers, it would be useful to also include content which deals with political / sensitive barriers (your current boss blocking your move to another role?, etc.)

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Lucy Standing

BSc, MSc, AfBPS, CPsychol. I am a chartered Occupational Psychologist and fellow of the British Psychological Society and principle member of the Association of Business Psychologists. I enjoy applying fascinating and intriguing psychological rationale for our behaviour in my training. I am a great trainer - mainly because I love doing it.


Telephone: 07979608274
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Supporting Files

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 Career Development... Available on purchase
 Career Motivator I... Available on purchase

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