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Course description
This course is aimed at being an introductory session for groups of up to 20 delegates. It is designed to be delivered by 1 trainer. It is an interactive course with numerous exercises and opportunities for delegates to interact. Over an above all other factors, it takes what can be a relatively dry topic and makes it engaging and fun.

Course length:
This course should be completed in just over 2 and a half hours. We would suggest diarising 3 hours – if people leave early they are happy but they aren’t if they leave late!

Materials needed:
Separate manuals are not provided. If needed, we suggest printing off these slides in handout format so people can take notes as they go through whilst also having a copy of the slides.
Enough copies of the true/false exercise handouts for the number of delegates present.

Ideal no of delegates:
This course is aimed to be an introductory session and is designed to be delivered in groups of 12 - 20.

Delegate seniority:
This is an introductory programme aimed to cover larger groups of mixed levels. It is NOT appropriate for senior manager audiences who would need more training about how to manage diversity and some of the more complex ‘people’ issues.

Venue Requirements:
One large room able to seat 20 people around 4 central tables comfortably with enough space to move around.

Cost per head*:

Trainer location:
London based, but happy to travel.

Health warning
Any equality and diversity training programme needs to be delivered by experienced individuals: it is a highly emotive and difficult topic for many people to manage as the audience can on occasion become hostile. We STRONGLY suggest you do not deliver this programme without prior experience. If this is your first time to deliver a programme of this nature, at the very least we would ask you consider delivering with someone who is experienced so that you build awareness of some of the resistance you may face.

* Cost per head is calculated by taking the trainers day rate (excluding expenses) and dividing this by the largest number of suggested delegates.


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An Introduction to Equality and Diversity

This is an introductory level course. Above everything else, it is designed to be engaging and fun. We describe the difference between equality and diversity whilst establishing the business case to do this.

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Course Information

Delegates: 15-20
Suggested cost per delegate: $67
Seniority Level: Entry Level
Duration: Between 2-3 hours
Resources: A large room with smaller groups of tables of up to 5 delegates each to allow for small group working.

See more information about delegate costs.

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Reviews  (5)

Debra O'Keefe, Director, Life Path on Mar 28 2017 at 00:03

Comment: Could not download. LInk disabled.

John Conti, Director, Lion Street on Jan 12 2016 at 14:01

Comment: Very helpful on a much needed subject.

Bassem Wolsely, Employee, SCOPS on Dec 11 2015 at 00:12

Comment: Intresting

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Lucy Standing

BSc, MSc, AfBPS, CPsychol. I am a chartered Occupational Psychologist and fellow of the British Psychological Society and principle member of the Association of Business Psychologists. I enjoy applying fascinating and intriguing psychological rationale for our behaviour in my training. I am a great trainer - mainly because I love doing it.


Telephone: 07979608274
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Supporting Files

Please see below for a list of supporting files for this course. These can be viewed and edited once the full course is purchased.

 Equality & diversi... Available on purchase

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