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Course description
This course is an introductory session for groups of up to 20 delegates. It is designed to be delivered by 1 trainer.

Course length:
This course should be completed in two hours, or 120 minutes.

Training Format:
This training programme is designed to be delivered in a presentation style. Activities are suggested throughout the slides. Any slide with a related activity is marked with an ‘A’ in the top left hand corner of the slide.

Materials needed:
It is essential for accessibility purposes that handouts are provided at the start of the session. In addition electronics copies should be made available on request, in PDF format.

Preparatory activity:
You must research and provide examples for slide 22.

Ideal no of delegates:
This course is aimed to be an introductory session and is designed to be delivered in groups of 10 - 15 (20 max) individuals.

Delegate seniority:
This is an introductory programme aimed at all employees from any level of an organisation. This presentation is not suitable for more experienced professionals who already work in disability related fields or senior staff who may require more in-depth training on legal aspects of disability and employment.

Venue Requirements:
Ideally training should be held in a well lit room in a boardroom style. Ample space should be provided for free movement around the room. If possible the training should take place in a quiet area of the building, away from central corridors, entrances and exits and so on.

Cost per head*:

Please note:
This training programme has been specifically designed using current academic research and practitioner resources. The terms, labels and concepts used in disability discourses are often value-laden and may indicate an orientation toward one perspective or another. Trainers should never use generalised language, such as ‘the disabled’ and should actively challenge any delegate that does so. I strongly recommend that anyone using these materials has an enhanced understanding of the issues relating to the classification of impairments and the processes linked to a spectral approach of enablement and disablement. A failure to provide correct, accurate and reliable (at least as is feasible) information, is unethical and may actually negatively impact on the views of delegates, the respective organisation and employees with a disability.


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Disability, Equality & Reasonable Adjustments

This training programme has been specifically designed using current academic and practitioner resources, and aims to provide: - An understanding of how the Equality Act (2010) defines disability - An overview of what the provision of Reasonable Adjustments means - Awareness of Assistive Technology - An overview of the Access to Work scheme and its processes - A discussion of accessibility in your organisation

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Course Information

Delegates: 10-15
Suggested cost per delegate: $47
Seniority Level: Entry Level
Duration: Between 2-3 hours
Resources: No resources required.

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vanessa sequeira, 0 on May 29 2013 at 13:05

Comment: This is an area that most businesses especially small-medium size firms pay less attention to. It is great to have both the legalities set out as well as possible solutions in terms of reasonable adjustments and assistive technologies. The slides are content rich, at times the content is overwhelming, so readers , presenters of this material may want to adapt / balance the topic sentences and information given. In conjunction with the Disability Definitions slideset also posted up this is a very useful, through and a training course with knowledge that needs to be disemminated in workplaces.



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Christopher Rossiter

I am an occupational psychology doctoral researcher and disability in work specialist. I assist individuals and employers to place diversity, inclusion and accessibility at the centre of their work. I focus on identifying needs and facilitating change in a reflective and flexible manner. My work activities are diverse, but principally relate to how organisational processes and structures influence employee affectivity. This can be via organisational culture, leadership and managerial transactions. In addition I have extensive experience of the ways in which disability can impact job roles and the working environment. Chris Rossiter BSc. MSc


Location: London & South-East
Telephone: +44 (0) 77 292 325 16
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