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Why change is hard

Course Objectives
This course will introduce participants to the notion that change is not ‘out there’ but is really about changing their mental models which reflect reality. You will discuss dynamic change processes and principles including cognitive, emotional and behavioural factors. Knowledge of this will help participants understand why change is so difficult, and why it is a process which takes time and is necessarily uncomfortable. Although it is based on the best current knowledge about change, the course will take a very practical approach, illustrating the theory through understandable metaphors, and suggesting to participants some tools and strategies they can use to help them deal with change in their own context.

Course length
Allow about three hours

Number and type of delegates
Anywhere between 8-20 would work, with 12 being an optimum number. It is suitable for middle to senior people, as it is relatively demanding intellectually, as well as being of practical use.


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Why change is hard

Understand that we use predictive mental models of reality which reside in our unconscious mind, and that an external change means we must update our mental models

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Course Information

Delegates: 10-15
Suggested cost per delegate: $6
Seniority Level: Intermediate Level
Duration: Between 1-2 hours
Resources: No resources required.

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Reviews  (4)

Bassem Wolsely, Employee, SCOPS on Dec 11 2015 at 00:12

Comment: Absolutely creative approach to CHANGE

Bassem Wolsely, Employee, SCOPS on Dec 11 2015 at 00:12

Comment: Absolutely creative approach to CHANGE

Xanthe Daniels, Director, Daniels Publishing on Jan 30 2013 at 08:01

Comment: A comprehensive overview with great references, use of research. I'll feel very comfortable using this course. The trainer notes available on download are fantastic.

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Why change is hard

By Alan Beggs

Intermediate Level
Between 1-2 hours

Alan Beggs

Dr. Alan Beggs, BSc, PhD, C. Psychol, AFBPsS. - Alan is a Chartered Psychologist and Sports Psychologist who has worked with many top sport performers. A prolific writer during his university career, one of his books is now used by Britain’s Medal-winning Olympic dinghy sailors. He has been involved in management development for more than twenty years, and was closely involved in the movement to introduce coaching to the workplaces of Britain.


Location: Anywhere
Telephone: 07774695768
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Supporting Files

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 Change Manual Available on purchase
 Change Workbook Available on purchase

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