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Help & FAQs

Here are some FAQs - if your question isn�t answered here, there is a contact form at the bottom of this page.

1. How do I sign up to use Neutrain?

Registering as a new user is easy! Simply go to our login page.

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2. How do I change my password?

Changing your password is simple, simply click on the profile page and then navigate to your profile. To change the password, simply delete the original password from the password and confirm password boxes and type your new desired password. Once this is done and you are happy with the new password, press the save button. The next time you login to the site, your new password will be active.

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3. How much money do I get if I sell on a course on the site?

You can sell the course for whatever you feel your course is worth.  We tend to advise the experts on this site to price their work in relation to how much time it would save othes to research and replicate. If you're saving someone lots of time then charge more.  However our competition generally price content between £15 - 150.  You should probably stick within this price range to remain competitive.

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4. I like the course but want help delivering it - do you do that?

In most cases yes!  Please contact the trainer directly as I am sure they'd be very happy to have the chance to help you.  In most cases they've given an indication of their rates in the 'cost per delegate' field.  This is their day rate divided by the suggested number of delegates. We take no commission and would be delighted if you would contact them - we want their generosity in sharing their content to be rewarded.

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5. Why do I need to register to download content or write a review?

Before you can write a review or download any material, we need to ask you to register. This is to prompt you to read and sign up to our terms and conditions which are there mainly to protect the interests of the author who has shared the materials with you.  We do not use your data for any other reason; we won't share your data with others, we won't try to sell you anything and we don't have time to send you junk mail.

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6. Does it cost me anything to sign up?

It costs nothing to sign up to neutrain.

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7. What's in it for neutrain? What are you getting out of it?

Well, we certainly don't get any money if that's what you mean!  You can read through our worked example in the about section.   So what do we do it for?   We meet some great trainers, we get feedback that tells us what we're doing is helpful and useful. We've learned a lot about website design and development. We're helping small training businesses and specialist consultants and psychologists raise their profile in the quagmire that is google search results.  More than anything, we're making training more easily accessible to others and we're preventing cost from being a factor to promote good training.  What could be sweeter?

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8. How do I publish my course on neutrain?

We're going to soon be posting our advice and guidance on how to upload content, but as this is work in progress, would you please (for now) email us at info@neutrain.net and we'll send you upload guidelines. These contain our advice on how to get the best out of the platform (things like font size details of our partnerships with image sharing sites like istockphoto, fotolia and so on).  These guidelines are brief.

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9. If you're such a goody goody altruistic site, then why do you charge anything at all to download the materials?

Mainly because this isn't really in our control.  We provide the platform which enables trainers to share, but they choose how much they want to make their course available for in terms of you downloading the content. Think of us as being like the amazon or wikipedia of the training world. 

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10. Why does neutrain take a 20% commission?

Mainly because we want to try and cover our costs - which are low because we don't pay salaries and we don't purchase content. However, we still have to pay accountants and hosting fees and so on.  We don't mind being altruistic, but we want to try and minimise the costs to us for providing this service.  Also, we do hope that one day this site will become large and significant enough that we may begin to start making a profit. If that happens we'll be donating that to charity and specifically to J-PAL.

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