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Donald H Taylor

Leading Learning and development professional industry spokesperson and Chair of various thought leadership bodies.

Lucy Standing

Neutrain volunteer - why did we develop 'neutrain'

Steve Whiddett

Business Psychologist and content author on neutrain

They say a picture says 1,000 words so we'll let our diagram do the talking.

We use the 'freemium' business model: make the product free for all to view and share and if people want to purchase the product they can (which is the 'premium' part of the largely 'free' site - hence the word 'freemium').  By sharing the slides and notes we enable students, trainers, charities, small business and even large L&D functions to get a better understanding of what is 'out there'.  People will only download the products if they are designing or delivering training courses and they believe the cost the author is asking to be reasonable.  Not many people do or will download - we work on an estimation of 1%.  

Our site is a non commercial enterprise. We don't pay office rent or salaries and we don't pay trainers to load up content - everyone involved in this site has done so voluntarily: we consider this as a collective example of social entrepreneurialism.   If we do make enough to cover our costs it won't ever be a game changer, but we would like to earn enough to donate to our charity of choice J-PAL.  If you haven't heard of them, please take a look at their website or read the book 'Poor economics' to learn more about what they do.  The charity conducts large scale trials in the third world which examine what interventions make a real difference to training and education. Because they empirically test what they are doing they know where to best target charity money.


Worked example:

If 100 people look at neutrain, 1 might buy a course. The average course sells for around £30 so neutrain earns £6. However, we then have to pay our costs (hosting fees, accountancy fees, maintenance fees, etc..).   We're still in beta format so it's hard to tell you what sort of response we'll get, but let's just say we estimate for this to take at least 2 years before we'll start to get closer to covering our monthly maintenance fees.   

For neutrain to succeed we need your help. You are the most powerful marketing tool we have. Please tell all your colleagues, peers, clients or friends about us to help spread the word.                                         If you like what we offer, put a link from your website to ours.                              Join neutrain yourself: upload and share a course and help others benefit from your expertise.                                                    Let us know about other good free knowledge sharing resources so we can link up to them.                                     Write, tweet, blog or link in with us.

We may not have exhasted the number of ways you can help us.  If you think you can help us in anyway or would like to work with us on a voluntary basis then please get in touch:  info@neutrain.net.                    neutrain is currently available in English. If you think you can help us spread the word around the world either by helping us translate content or by sharing content in your own communities contact us about becoming a neutrain partner.


We believe knowledge sitting on a computer is not as useful as knowledge shared.

We believe in learning and development � so much so we want to aid that process by making it easier for you to access useful materials.

We believe the best trainers know their value lies in their skills and experience � not their training materials. These are the ones who share.

We believe you should evaluate and feed into the process � join our training �neural network� and feedback to our training experts.

We believe the training world could be more efficient. Don�t reinvent the wheel � find what you need here!


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